Coming Home Blue

Track 6: Coming Home Blue - LJ Tyson


How far away is Christmas? 

LJ Tyson knows that it is only a single plane ride away as he sings this Christmas homecoming tale. (Based on a true story)

Believing strongly that music can heal, LJ  has used it his entire life to help him though tough situations. LJ uses his music to start a conversation with others when it comes to bullying and being yourself and is gaining notoriety with his positive song and video hit “The Locals” and the more recently released and more intense “Hyde”.

LJ is honoured to announce that proceeds from all songwriter royalties generated by “Coming Home Blue will be going to what he considers to be a very important charity in his town of Prince Albert - Northern Spirits Youth Program under the NSCRD - a charity close to his heart.


Songwriter: Doug Sylvester


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