Drunk On Christmas Cookies

Track 3: Drunk On Christmas Cookies - Justin LaBrash


What would happen if good old Uncle Norm spiked Mom’s Christmas cookies with Rum???   

Well, SCMA’s 2018 Emerging Artist of The Year, 19- year-old Justin LaBrash has a pretty good idea and shares this action-packed Christmas story - which may or may not be based upon real events. 

Justin already has two albums under his belt, and is working on a third as well as a few new singles with plans of surpassing his wildly successful single “We Ran Out” which reached #86 on BDS top 100. Recently, Justin obtained his Certificate in Music Business from the prestigious Berklee School of Music and continues to play shows throughout western Canada with his band True North.

Always heavily involved with charity work in the community such as the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital and playing at local senior’s centers, Justin is proud to have proceeds from the songwriting royalties generated by “Drunk On Christmas Cookies” donated to Teddy Bears Anonymous.  


Songwriter: Justin LaBrash, Doug Sylvester
Website: labrash.net


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