Humboldt Strong Watch Over Hockey Town

Track 1: Humboldt Strong - Watch Over Hockey Town - Graham Dyck


A carbon-fiber hockey stick leaned up against a wall is one of the defining images of 2018.

When Central Canada’s Crooner, Graham Dyck was chosen to do vocals for this Christmas Eve song, he was both honoured and felt a huge sense of responsibility. His parents had a household rule: in order to play sports - which Graham feels is a must growing up in a small town - he had to play an instrument and we are all glad he is nurturing his musical gifts.   

From Delisle, Saskatchewan, Graham’s vocals come only from the heart. 

Graham is pleased that all songwriter royalties generated by this song will be donated to PARTNERS FAMILY SERVICES - HUMBOLDT, The Humboldt Broncos Memorial Scholarship Fund and Kids Sport.


Songwriter: Doug Sylvester


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