Santa Lives Here

Track 10: Santa Lives Here - Dylan Sylvester


Santa won’t need Siri to help him find his way around Canada when he’s delivering presents on Christmas Eve.  Santa is proudly Canadian and 23 year-old Dylan Sylvester knows it! 

The second high school was over, with ukulele in hand, this flatlander began to busk his way all over the country from Tofino to St. John’s in a 1979 Dodge Van affectionately known as “The JUG”, existing solely on tips and the goodwill of others. “Busking is the best job I’ve ever had,” says Sylvester. 

Recently Dylan dropped anchor in the stunning university town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia and continues to share his unique brand - a fusion of East Coast inspired folk, roots, and modern music - sure to keep audiences engaged.   

Dylan is proud that all the proceeds from the songwriter royalties from “Santa Lives Here” will be going towards the Antigonish Women’s Resource Center & Sexual Assault Services Association and The Jim Pattison Saskatoon Children’s Hospital Foundation.    


Songwriters: Dylan Sylvester, Doug Sylvester


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