Sending Heartshaped Snowflakes

Track 2: Sending Heart Shaped Snowflakes - Amanda Hagel


What would you do if an epic, Canadian-style blizzard left you stranded in an airport on Christmas Eve? Amanda Hagel (CBC Searchlight national finalist and winner of the Sask Country Music Gospel Album of the Year) explains how she would handle the situation - simply send heart-shaped snowflakes to all her loved ones back home.

Amanda Hagel’s earliest memories are set to music and life on the family farm near Lancer, Saskatchewan revolved around music. “I grew up in a musical home and couldn’t have asked for a better environment to hone my craft.”  Amanda is currently promoting her most recent album “Collection Of Covers” and hopes to see you soon at a live show.

Amanda is honored to announce that proceeds from all songwriter royalties generated by the song will be going to the Saskatchewan SPCA - a charity close to her heart.


Songwriter: Doug Sylvester


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