Snow Day

Track 9: Snow Day - Jay Semko


Be honest - have you ever wished for so much snow to fall that you could take a day off work? Celebrated Canadian artist Jay Semko knows what he would do. “It’s simple - I’d kick back in the living room and imagine I’m on a beach in Jamaica under swaying palm trees. I’d take a Snow Day.”

As a member of the Northern Pikes, Jay was awarded four Gold records and one Platinum with over a million units sold worldwide and is recognized as one of Canada’s premier songwriters. He has released ten solo albums and this latest release was written on the dreariest winter day in Saskatoon with his buddy Doug Sylvester. Jay continues to tour and his solo acoustic concerts are legendary for their laughter, tears and sheer love of music and life.

Jay is pleased that proceeds from songwriter royalties will be going towards the SSPC (The Saskatoon Society for The Protection of Children) - an organization in the community dedicated to helping children.


Songwriter: Jay Semko, Doug Sylvester


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