Toy Drive

Track 8: Toy Drive - Tommy John Ehman


In ranch country, how does Santa get all his presents ready for his Christmas Eve? Tommy John Ehman tells listeners exactly what happens – Santa gets on a horse, makes ready for a round up and goes on a Toy Drive.

Tommy John Ehman has the heart and soul of a songwriter, a desire and a passion to perform and a deep enthusiasm for music that has driven him over a career producing six studio albums, ten radio singles and airplay from coast to coast.

Headliner at the Country at the Creek festival and performances at the CNIB’s iFactor fundraisers are highlights thus far in his career.

T.J.E. (from Craik, Saskatchewan) is proud to have the proceeds from songwriter’s royalties generated from “Toy Drive” going to the CNIB - Canadian National Institute For The Blind.


Songwriter: Jesse Weiman, Doug Sylvester


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