Unwrap Me

Track 13: Unwrap Me - Sienna and Forrest Eaglespeaker


Sienna and Forrest Eaglespeaker deliver a fun and flirty performance with touches of a big band sound. Sienna is a 21-year old Saskatoon Makeup Artist and up and coming performance artist from Saskatoon while Forrest is a singer/songwriter from Calgary Alberta - the heartbeat of a Saskatoon-based alt/rock band The North Sound. With a no holds barred approach to songwriting, Forrest's lyrics span across haunting metaphors from everyday experiences. 

Sienna and Forrest are pleased that all the proceeds of any songwriter royalties generated by  “Unwrap Me” will be going the Saskatoon AIDS Foundation and True North Aid. Says Forrest “I like what they support and the work they do with Northern communities - something I am passionate about.” 


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